Readers ask: What Happened To Fashion Fair Cosmetics?

Does Fashion Fair makeup still exist?

The legacy brand is relaunching with new takes on old classics, new formulations, and a new spokesmodel. We spoke to brand’s global makeup director and legendary makeup artist Sam Fine about what’s new.

What happen to Fashion Fair makeup?

Fashion Fair Cosmetics — the beloved, trailblazing luxury makeup brand catering to Black women — is set for a major comeback. After undergoing a change in ownership, a rebrand and a formulation makeover, the legendary beauty brand is hitting the shelves at Sephora this fall.

Who Made Fashion Fair makeup?

So in 1973, Johnson Publishing launched Fashion Fair Cosmetics, successfully developing a makeup line exclusively for Black and brown women with chocolatey bases and golden undertones, all wrapped up in pretty pink boxes.

When did Fashion Fair Mall open?

Beneks Fashion Fair Fast Action Cream works as a lightening cream to mask imperfections and blemishes as well as an inflammatory treatment. As an inflammatory treatment, Fashion Fair is composed of Clobetasol propionate for the treatment of dermatisis/ eczema, Psoriasis and Lichen.

Is Flori Roberts still alive?

Roberts died Nov. 23 at her home in Sarasota, Fla. She was 91 years old.

What store sells fashion fair makeup?

The iconic cosmetics brand has served women of color for more than 56 years. What’s old is new again—at least at Sephora.

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What was the Ebony Fashion Fair tour?

The Ebony Fashion Fair was a traveling show that would visit up to 30 cities per year over the course of its 51-year lifetime. Black models showcased the looks of designers of color including b. For attendees, it was especially uplifting to see Black women and men represented in such an elegant fashion.

What happened to the jet magazine?

The final print issue of Jet Magazine was in 2014. Rice sold Ebony and Jet to Clear View Group in 2016, a Texas-based equity firm. The last print of Ebony Magazine was in 2019. Ghee’s priority is to bring Ebony and Jet Magazine back to prominence.

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