What Do You Like About Clothing And Fashion?

What do u like about fashion?

10 Reasons We Love Fashion

  • We just love the thrill of shopping for new clothes & updating our wardrobes.
  • Love wearing something new.
  • There’s so much choice, mixing, matching, updating, ways to be stand out & personally express yourself.
  • Window shopping – it’s free & you can get so much outfit inspo ideas.

Why are clothes and fashion important?

Fashion has the ability to change and shape lives through its personal connection to us all. We all have to wear clothes and every piece of clothing we buy represents a personal choice – it is this intrinsically human relationship between us and our fashion that makes it political.

What is the best describe of fashion?

Most commonly, fashion is defined as the prevailing style of dress or behavior at any given time, with the strong implication that fashion is characterized by change.

Do you like to wear fashionable clothes speaking?

Yes, I like to wear fashionable clothes as it boosts my confidence and makes me feel trendy and up to dated.

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Why is fashion popular?

On a larger scale, fashion is important because it represents our history and helps to tell the story of the world. Clothes began as a necessity but they gained their power early on when certain groups wore specific styles, making them popular.

Why is fashion important?

Fashion is important because it reflects the culture of a country. It makes our life colorful and changes our life with time. In a way it also adds variety to life, providing an opportunity in trying out something new. Fashion is how you carry yourself in society without wearing anything trendy.

Does clothing reflect personality?

Your dressing sense reflects your personality, character, mood, style and what actually you are as an individual. People wearing gaudy clothes with loud make up are generally extroverts and love partying. You really can make out what sort of person an individual is by his/her dressing.

How does fashion impact society?

Fashion Industry Contributes to Society: It’s Personal, Fun, Political & Reflective. Fashion is more than amped up dress up for adults. It’s a reflection of who we are and what we believe. The fashion industry contributes to society by allowing us to express ourselves, our creativity and our beliefs to the world.

What is fashion in simple words?

Fashion is the area of activity that involves styles of clothing and appearance. A fashion is a style of clothing or a way of behaving that is popular at a particular time.

What is fashion in one word?

Noun. fashion, style, mode, vogue, fad, rage, craze mean the usage accepted by those who want to be up-to-date. fashion is the most general term and applies to any way of dressing, behaving, writing, or performing that is favored at any one time or place.

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How do I describe my fashion style?

The best way to describe my personal style is: Simple, timeless and relatable. Simple because I love easy, light and airy outfits; timeless because I can wear the same style 10-20yrs from now and relatable because anyone at any age can be comfortable wearing my style.

What is fashion concept?

A concept is a general abstract idea; the idea of fashion—adoption of trends for a specific time period —is a concept.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear at home?

5 Casual Clothes to Wear at Home

  • Leggings and Tunic Top. When you think about all the favorite comfort clothes, leggings inevitably join the top items on this list.
  • Jeans & Scoop Neck Tee. Hey there, looking good!
  • Stylish Fun with Capri Pants.
  • Skorts — Your New Favorite Bottom.
  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies Save the Day.

Can clothing tell you much about a person?

Clothes can sometimes tell us a lot about the person who wears them, but the signals can be confusing if you are not really familiar with the culture of the person wearing them. Some clothing choices tell us fairly obvious things about a person. For example, you might think a person wearing worn out clothing is poor.

Can clothing tell you much about a person ielts speaking?

Q. What do you think the clothes we wear say about us? Answer: What a person chooses to wear tells a great deal about what kinds of values he or she carries as well as what kinds of personality the person has.

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